Huawei Gets Permission to Start 5G Service in U.K.


The U.K. will allow Huawei 5G equipment excluding core parts of the country.

Europe has given stick to Huawei with the EU expressing its concerns over safety. In the recent past, the U.K. government was also skeptical regarding the company’s 5G equipment with GCHQ threatening to ban the Chinese company over its ‘shoddy security service’. However, it seems U.K. will allow Huawei to be a supplier for non-core parts of the country’s 5G networks. However, it will exclude the core part of the country including Westminster. Although it is not officially confirmed by the U.K. government, the news was leaked by Telegraph when Prime Minister Theresa May was having a meeting with National Security Council.

The esteemed newspaper said many ministers raised concerns over the security issue, about her approach- including International Trade Secretary, Home Secretary, Defence Secretary, Foreign Secretary, and International Development Secretary. The U.S. has been warning the U.K. for putting a ban on the Chinese company, citing the security threat. However, May’s decision came as a surprise just after a month of the damning report by U.K. oversight body, which was evaluating the Chinese company’s approach to security. U.K.’s Digital Minister Margot James tweeted about this saying final decision is yet to be made. “In spite of cabinet leaks to the contrary, final decision yet to be made on managing threats to telecoms infrastructure,” she wrote.

Various parliament member has raised questions regarding this decision saying it creates concerns over the government’s interest and how will they secure the networks. MP George Freeman expressed his concerns saying, “I fear this may prove to be a bad decision.” Freeman referenced Australia’s move to ban Huawei from its 5G networks. In 2018, Australia and New Zealand both commenced a ban on the Chinese kit vendors citing a threat to national security. However, Europe is still managing and mitigating with this issue, observing potential risks.


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