Lyft Withdraws Thousands of Electric Bikes over Strong Brakes Complaints


The company received reports regarding people experience a stronger braking force in the front wheel.

On April 14, 2019, Lyft Inc. announced to remove thousands of its electric bikes from the services over its front-wheel brakes issues. The company has decided to withdraw around 3000 e-bikes from the city of New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. The app-based bike share was operated by Citi Bike, Ford GoBike, and Capital Bikeshare respectively. Citi Bank issued a statement on this matter saying, “We recently received a small number of reports from riders who experienced stronger than expected braking force on the front wheel.” Ford GoBike and Capital Bikeshare posted similar messages on their respective websites.

All three companies are looking for replacements to lessen the effect of disruptions. The regular bikes will replace these faulty pedal-assist bikes. On the contrary, Lyft is in the final stage of building a new pedal-assist bike that the company has been planning to launch for a long time. In the last couple of years, e-bikes and scooters have become very common in the cities. Many people are preferring app-based bike sharing services instead of buying a new one.

However, there are some technical issues with e-bikes that Lyft needs to deal with. Lyft had acquired all these three companies in November and has been trading publicly with valuation over US$ 24 billion. During the same time, the company announced to work with the city of New York to expand Citi Bike through a US$ 100 million investment. Meanwhile, Lyft has taken the issue and is keen to resolve it as soon as possible. The company has been competing with Uber as it looks to broaden its services.


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