Generium Pharmaceutical Gains Approval Of Biosimilar Eculizumab


The Russian manufacturer of pharmaceuticals announced that it received marketing approval of biosimilar Eculizumab.

The high-end Russian pharmaceutical company officially announced on April 10, 2109, that it has received the marketing approval of the biosimilar Eculizumab. The biosimilar references Soliris, which is used in the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNC). PNC is an acquired life-threatening disease which is accused by the complement system of the immune system. The blood disease is characterized by the destruction of RBCs, red-blood cells.

Team of scientists from Switzerland, Russia and the United States collaborated to achieve this success in the development of such high-end pharmaceuticals. Even though, Generium Pharmaceuticals it the first company in the world to gain approval for its biosimilar, it is not the only company which is interested in eculizumab. In the recent past, Biocad, a Russian based biosimilar manufacturer announced that it has started the clinical tests for the most expensive drug in Russia. Biocad has been focusing on several other biosimilars such as bevacizumab, infliximab, adalimumab, trastuzumab and filgrastim.

Surprisingly, the developers of biosimilars see the ultra-rare disease as a viable market. Concerning the fact that the patients are diagnosed with such rare diseases, they are more than willing to purchase the excessively over-priced medicines at even high quantities. In the recent past, Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced that the high-priced drug has caused them 24% profit in 2108, in comparison to 2017. Thus, these the biosimilar pharmaceutical companies in no small measure take the advantage of the patient’s condition who are willing to pay a high amount for their medicines.


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