Smartphones of the Future to Be Foldable As Well As Transparent


The Korean company recently showcased a smartphone that will not just be foldable, but will have a transparent screen as well.

In a recently published patent, LG announced plans for a smartphone that will have two transparent screens having a mechanism similar to opening and closing a book. When the phone is unfolded, it will serve as a single, large screen that will display the same content across one screen, or occupy one side of the screen, while the other runs a different app. Additionally, its double-sided feature will enable users to access the display from the front and the rear. Holding the screen slightly above the eye level will make it appear more transparent, as compared to when it is set on the ground, in which case it will appear more or less opaque. The patent also discusses the camera located on the flipside of the phone. The camera system will have multiple lenses in addition to a laser sensor which will serve the purpose of a 3D stereoscopic image.

Experts suggest that no matter how appealing the idea of all these innovations combined in one device may sound, the company will need to take care of several potential bugs before launching the product. It is worth noting that LG isn’t the first company to tackle the idea of foldable phones. Samsung has already announced a new series of foldable smartphone which is currently readying for launch, however LG’s innovation which combines the transparent aspect with the laser sensor technology sets the stage for a new era of futuristic phones.


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