Ripples Developed Device That Prints Messages onto Foam-topped Beverages


The device, known as Ripple Maker, prints messages and images by using ink that are made from natural extracts.

The new printing device is an ingenious brand marketing tool and already 700 units have been sold to Suntory Beer. Ripples Maker has been installed across key locations, including its flagship ‘God Foam Bar’. Natural extracts are used as ink by the device to top beverages of all kind. Coffee bean extract is used in coffee-based drinks and malt extract is used in beer. The extract is available in easy-to-use pods that are completely free of preservatives or artificial colors. The taste quality of the drink or the calorific or nutritional content are not affected by using these extracts.

Yossi Meshulam, CEO and Co-Founder of Ripples said that images and messages can be easily printed on beer using this new device, however, the quality of beer foam is a major factor that is challenging with regards to printing. The beer foam needs to be smooth and of right consistency for the device to create perfect, clear images with fine detail. Any type of content can be designed and printed onto beer foam, including images, selfies, slogans, and messages. Moreover, through the Ripples app, content can be uploaded by the users for personalized drinks.

This device can only be used for foam-topped beverage, which includes coffee, beer, cocktails, milkshakes, Matcha tea, hot chocolate, and nitro coffee. Meshulam said, “We are constantly looking for brands and companies who wish to add that little extra to their customer experience. The Ripple Maker offers a differentiator to brands and fills a so far untapped communication medium: the top of a drink.”


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