Epitaxial Wafer Market Boosting The Growth Worldwide: 2026 Market Key Dynamics, Current And Future Trends, And Forecast


Epitaxy wafer acts as an interface between a thin film and a substrate. The growth of epitaxy wafer means the crystal growth being conducted on crystal of substrate and disposed in accordance with foundation of substrate crystal phase. The epitaxial layer can be deposited over another substrate in two ways: Homoepitaxy and Heteroepitaxy. Homoepitaxy is when a crystalline film is grown with the same material as the substrate. Heteroepitaxy is more common, and grows a crystalline film made of a different material than the substrate.

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Market Dynamics

Increasing installation of solar panel across the globe is one of the factors driving growth of the market. This is owing to growing awareness among consumers about the advantages of using solar energy. For instance, according to Coherent Market Insights’ analysis, number of solar panel installed in 2015 was 50.7 gigawatt and it has reached up to 76.7 gigawatt in 2016, globally. These solar panels are equipped with cells that are created from silicon wafers as silicon wafer have semiconducting properties. The usage of silicon wafer in solar cells has led to increasing efficiency of solar panel, which means it generates more power per unit compared to conventional material that used in solar cells. Thus, advantages offered by silicon wafer will positively increase the usage of silicon wafer for manufacturing of solar cells. Thus, increasing demand for silicon wafer will drive wafer manufacturers to coat that silicon wafer with epitaxial layer in order to increase the efficiency of the panel. The coating of epitaxial wafer further contributes in increasing performance of solar panels. Hence, all these factors are expected to propel demand for epitaxial wafer over the forecasted period.

Global Epitaxial Wafer Market: Regional Insights

The market for epitaxial wafer in Asia Pacific accounted for largest share in the global market in 2017. The factor attributed to growth of this market is increasing penetration of smartphones, increasing adoption of IoT, self-driving cars, and others. For instance, according to the Coherent Market Insights’ analysis, the number of smartphone users in India was 292.6 million in 2016 and it has grown to 342 million in 2017. Increasing demand for smartphones and advancement in smartphone technology has led to development of thinner and smaller ICs. These silicon wafers form the building blocks of semiconductors, and semiconductor devices or chips are fabricated on these substrates. These semiconductors are then used in electronic devices ranging from computers to consumer electronics, telecommunication products, etc. Hence, growing demand for these electronic products is driving manufacturers to coat this wafer with epitaxial wafer that further increase the power of these electronic devices. Therefore, this factor is expected to propel demand for epitaxial wafer in the region over the forecasted period.

Key companies

Major players operating in the global epitaxial wafer market include EpiWorks Inc., Global Wafers Japan Co. Ltd., Nichia Corporation, SHOWA DENKO K.K., Siltronic AG, Desert Silicon Inc., Electronics and Materials Corporation Ltd. Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc.IQE plc. , Jenoptic AG, MOSPEC Semiconductor Corporation, Norstel AB, Ommic S.A., Silicon Valley Microelectronics Inc. ,SVT Associates Inc. Universal Wafer Inc., Wafer Works Corporation, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Materials Co. Ltd., and Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co. Ltd.

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