Conference Call Services Market Detailed Segmentation, Growth Forecast and Global Key Players Analysis 2026


The global conference call services market is expected to witness good growth, as it has become a necessity for all the leading corporate business companies to deal with their international service providers, partners, and customers. Conference call services enable real-time collaboration of the business units of any company or different companies to communicate with its operating or non-operating clients or business units. Increasing demand for security of the data and conversation between the users, rising need for time-saving & cost saving methods for communication for business or other related objectives, and increasing demand for communicating to the company’s workforce through mobile are some of the major factors driving growth of the global conference call services market. The audio clarity during the voice conference call and requirement of high constant internet connection during video conference call are some of the major restraints affecting growth of the global conferencing calls services market.

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Market Dynamics

Conference calling services provides the advantages such as help in urgent requirement of getting the status update between the teams of any company that are in different locations or business units, saves resources for any business. As per Polycom’s global study in 2017 of more than 24,000 professionals looked at the conferencing activity across 11 major countries found that every one in three people reduced the email activity after adopting conferencing technology. Conferencing call technology is increasingly being adopted in industries such as government & defense services, and corporate enterprises. The audio conferencing call has evolved to video call conferencing, as it is more flexible. It offers advantages of archiving, improved telecommunication, clear audio with vision, saves time & money, and content sharing through the video conferencing software such as ‘Scopia’ from Avaya.

Increasing trend of adopting advanced technology such as conference call services is expected to drive growth of the market

Leading players in the market such as Cisco and Polycom are adopting advanced technologies such as virtual reality and are continuously focusing on improving their working environment to enhance productivity. Conference call technology aids in effective management of resources, thereby driving growth of the market.

Increasing demand for security of the data and the conversation between the users during conference calls are driving the market growth

Confidential business data shared during a conference call needs to be secured at the time of important discussions. Conference call services gives full security of the data and conversations between the users and also provides the advantages of conversation recording for future purposes, which is important to run a business more efficiently. This aids in growth of the global conference call services market.

Some of the key players operating in the global conference call services market include Microsoft Corporation, Zoom Video Communications, Dialpad, Polycom, Infinite Conferencing Inc., GlobalMeet, Arkadin SAS, AT Conference, ConferenceCalls, RingCentral Business Phone Services, Zip Conferencing, InterCall Online, and Budget Conferencing Inc.

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