Cable Car & Ropeways Market Share to See Modest Growth Through 2026 Conjecture by Global Top Players


Cable transportation systems includes use of cables, to travel from one end to another, especially at places with high altitudes. Ropeways are generally used as a public transportation systems used for carriage of goods & passengers in cities as well as in mountain resorts. A wide range of types of cable cars & ropeways are available including aerial tramway, draglifts, gondolas, inclined lifts, chairlifts, and others. Conventionally, applications of cable cars & ropeways was limited to transportation across mountains, rivers, or other geographically challenged areas. However, these are being adopted as a viable mode of transport among cities, especially in smart cities, to make intra- & inter-city transport safer and easier.

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Market Dynamics

The major factor driving growth of cable cars and ropeways market, is growing investments by various governments in tourism sector. These cable cars & ropeways can be used as a convenient way of transportation. The adoption of cable cars & ropeways in cities is in its initial phase and the acceptance of such mode transportation in cities is still under debate, owing to high-costs associated with installations & maintenance and need of consistent monitoring. Furthermore, hesitance among individuals in cities to consider these airlifts as a standard mode of transport, lack of investments in infrastructure development in emerging economies, stringent safety norms, and technological restraints hamper adoption of car cables & ropeways. However, the market is projected to witness high demand in material handling industry during the forecast period.

Innovation in cable cars & ropeway technology and designs is expected to boost the market growth

Key market players in the global cable car & ropeway industry are focusing on upgrading the technology and designs of their products. The primary factor for this continuous innovation is complete satisfaction of customers in terms of safety, comfort, and security of the transit. For instance, SigmaCabins, a France-based company and provider of carriers for ropeway transport, offers a variety of designs, shapes, and curves on cable cars that adapts to the surrounding environment and are comfortable for the travelers. Furthermore, LEITNER, a global provider of cable cars & ropeways, launched new 8-seater ‘Jufen’ chairlift in January 2018, which incorporates latest generation ropeway technology to provide greater transport capacity and comfort.

Some of the key players operating in the global cable car & ropeway industry include Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, Leitner S.p.A., POMA Group, Bartholet Maschinenbau AG (BMF), Nippon Cable Co., Ltd., Damodar Ropeways & Infra Ltd., Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp., Vergokan, Dubrovnik cable cars, and Kreischberg: Cableways.

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