Motorized Control Valves Market Sales To 2026 Anticipeted By Key Players


Motorized control valves are commonly used in small and large hydronic heating and cooling systems. These are utilized to remotely control the flow of fluids and gases accurately through an electric actuator. The difference in the operating mechanism of other mechanical stopcocks and these components lie only in the actuation inputs. Motorized control valves find significant applications in industrial sector that includes, water and wastewater treatment, oil & gas industry, chemical manufacture, and power generation.

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Increasing awareness regarding the implementation of automation, which helps in increasing efficiency and reducing downtime, will create considerable demand over the forecast period

Motorized control valves market has witnessed significant adoption rate in the oil & gas industry, primarily owing to the utilization of smart valves that are integrated with smart sensors and embedded processors. These advancements allow the industries to establish efficient networking capability and enable remote monitoring of the industry operations. Moreover, real time update, reduced human workforce interventions, ability of these systems to provide actionable solutions for preventive maintenance, and minimal downtimes are projected to drive the overall industry demand throughout the forecast period.

Integration of diagnostic functions to monitor the performance and efficiency of motorized control valves has witnessed high adoption in industries to improve the plant production output

Utilization of these diagnostic functions helps in accessing information from plant parameters that helps in important decision making for the improvement of plant output efficiency. Industrial applications that include chemical and oil & gas that require enhanced safety and monitoring to prevent losses and meet the production demand are expected to drive the motorized control valves market growth.

Oil & Gas dominated the end-use industry segment in 2016 and is expected to continue its dominance over the next few years

Owing to the increasing deployment of motorized control valves to measure and monitor the oil & gas flow, oil & gas is expected to remain the most attractive end-use industry over the next few years. According to The World Bank, over 54% of the global population resides in urban area, which is expected to witness significant growth over the next decade. This in turn will lead to considerable growth in demand for portable water and wastewater treatment plants, which is estimated to bolster the motorized control valves market growth over the forecast period. Developing economies that project high urbanization rate, specifically China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico, are expected to create significant demand for motorized control valves.


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