Researchers Built Soft Computer Resembling Thought Process Of Electronic Computer


A research study was published claiming that the researchers have developed a soft computer without any hardware but resembles thoughts of an electronic computer.

A research study was published on March 28, 2019, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which reported that a team of researchers have developed a soft computer which has thought processes similar to the electronic computer. In the recent past, soft robots were only used handle delicate items with no complex control system. However, at present these soft components have replaced the hardware components of electronics.

Computers are generally used to receive certain messages and then respond accordingly concerning their programming. Similarly, the soft computer built by the team of researchers is nothing different. In case, a doctor hits the tendon below the kneecap, the leg tends to exhibit a jerk moment. The soft computer has been made used soft silicon and air pressurized in the tubing. The innovation has been programmed to react to NOT, AND, and OR. For instance, NOT logic gate, the input being high pressure will result in output being low pressure. Such robots developed with soft components have several applications in different spheres including industrial setting, automotive technology and manufacturing of metal machines which deal with speed and power.

In case dealing with electronic robots, the damage caused to humans is disastrous, however soft robots’ soft components can hardly cause damage to the humans. Furthermore, these soft robots are just not safe but also less complex and simpler to make. The soft components are light weight, corrosive, resistant to disastrous damage and durable enough. Thus, it is in no small measure that these soft robots are more than handling fragile objects.


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