Amazon’s Facial Technology Blamed “Flawed” To Be Sold To Police


AI researchers of different social platforms have asked Amazon to sell its facial recognition system due to flawed algorithms.

The AI researchers from various social platforms including Google, Microsoft and Facebook along with significant universities have claimed that the American multinational company must stop selling the facial recognition system to police for law enforcement. In the recent past, the flawed algorithms have been held responsible for many errors concerning female faces and dark toned faces.

The artificial intelligence researchers argue that in case this system is used by police for law enforcement it will glorify racial discrimination, encourage marginal group’s surveillance and create instances of erroneous identities. Timnit Gebru, a Google researcher, has identified various faults in this facial recognition system including gender misidentification. The algorithm misidentified only 1 percent of light skinned men and 7 percent light-skin women whereas it misidentified twelve percent of dark-skin men and thirty five percent of dark-skin women, thereby promoting human biases. Anima Anandkumar, former scientist at Amazon told the source, The Verge that these claims will definitely shoot conversations regarding enhancing the technology and states, “Government regulation can only come about once we have laid out technical frameworks to evaluate these systems.”

In the recent past, a study was published in January, 2019, which claimed that the company’s facial recognition system is facing trouble identifying faces. Another study conducted by American Civil Liberties Union in 2018, identified the system to falsely declare pictures of twenty eight members of Congress to mug shots. Google due to facing abuse has stopped selling algorithms, however Microsoft has asked for government regulations.


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