Tesla To Pay Fine For Violating Laws Concerning Hazardous Waste At California Factory


The American automotive company is penalized with US$ 31,000 dollars and forced to buy equipment worth US$ 55,000 in case of emergencies.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on April 1, 2019, announced a settlement with the American automotive company over violating laws concerning the hazardous waste at the manufacturing plant in California. According to this agreement, Tesla is penalized with US$ 31,000 dollars and forced to buy equipment worth US$ 55,000 for the City of Fremont Fire Department, in case of emergencies.

As per the inspection held by the independent agency Tesla has failed to manage requirements concerning the generators of harmful waste and maintain the air emission standards. According to the source, The Verge, in 2017 the company permitted accumulation of hazardous waste without any official permit exceeding the allowed ninety days. The EPA held Tesla accountable for failing to clean the solvent mixtures and flammable paint further leaving the fifty five gallons of hazardous waste open without any cover or lock. The transmission lines of the company were leaking violating the emission standards.

However, this is not the first time that Tesla has failed to obey the rules and regulations. In 2010, the American automotive company had to pay a fine of US$ 275,000 for failing to acquire a proper certification for its Roadster model. In 2018, the company was penalized with US$ 139, 500 for excessive pollutants released by the Fremont factory. In 2013, fine of US$ 71,000 was levied when the Tesla employees got burns from the molten aluminum at the plant site. According to the source Bloomberg, four random employees were asked to walk down the sewage. Thus, it is high time that the company take the allegations seriously and act in accordance.


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