Riptide Unveils Novel Electric Skateboards Resembes Surfboard


The skateboard company launched an innovative electronic skateboard that resembles a surfboard promising better stability.

Riptide launched a new variant of its very own R1 skateboard called the R1 Black, which resembles a surfboard promising better stability of the structure. The Surf Adapter kit fitted to the front truck of R1 Black, promises relatively better turning performance three times as compared to the conventional R1 skateboard models. The new version allows easy moves and evades troubles at high speed.

The skateboard can travel with max speed 18mph and seven miles of range. The Surf Adapter which is the eye-catching specification of the skateboard promises better sense of control with 3x times tighter turns. The Rear Adapter ensures stability at excessively high speed with the two wheels staying in line with deck’s front. The skateboard has the ability to run seven miles in a single charge, however users can upgrade the battery permitting the skateboard to travel 14 miles. The R1 Black is fitted with 83MM 78A hard and tiny wheels ensuring smooth sliding. The skateboard has an integrated kick tail and strong brake system. The built in handles on both the sides ensure a safe grip to prevent accidents. The charging time to run seven miles at once is three and a half hours although a fast charging cod is available. The Bluetooth control of the skateboard allows ride to be controlled at fingertips.

The new version is available for pre-orders at US$ 749 dollars and US$ 649 dollars if purchased before April 8, 2019. The company is also selling the Surf Adapter Kit at US$ 129 dollars to fit it to any prior versions of the skateboard. Now speed wobbles are not so scary anymore with the strong stability and amazing turning performance of the skateboard.


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