NBA’s App Allows The Users To Watch Match In Augmented Reality


Magic Leap app lets the users watch the engaging basketball match across virtual screens.

National Basketball Association’s Magic Leap app provides augmented reality experience to its users. The headset allows the die-hard fans to view the NBA games live, hit replays and highlights across the virtual screen. The app also allows the user to view player versus player and team versus team for better comparisons.

The augmented reality app allows to turn the screen into any desired size and move locations. However, NBA League Pass and NBA Single-Game subscribers are only allowed to watch the engaging live basketball matches. On demand matches can also be viewed without any subscriptions on the NBA app. Code Media conference held at the Huntington Beach, California on February 12-13, 2018, witnessed NBA to announce that it may have plans to team up with AR. Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner stated that this effort of NBA to join hands with the Magic Leap has widened horizons by advancing the sports making it more interactive. This is also an effort to appeal to the young, energetic and bubbling heads by including augmented reality, stirring craze about the game.

Furthermore, this collaboration of NBA has definitely stirred excitement in the minds of basketball fans. Regardless of the generation gap, all the basketball fans will be swayed away by this advanced technology. Thus, NBA has succeeded in capturing their target audience. The Magic Leap officially tweeted on March 25, 2019, about the American startup to feature replays and live games for entertainment purposes.


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