Samsung Eyes No.1 Spot in Mobile Phone Sales in Indian Market


The South Korean phone makers, will be attempting to regain the top spot they lost to Xiaomi

Samsung announced they are vying to regain the number one spot in mobile phone sales in the Indian market. The South Korean conglomerate enjoyed a sustained run at the top previously before being displaced by Xiaomi. Samsung was affected by the influx of budget phones with respectable performance by companies like Huawei, Asus, an even OnePlus with their high performance devices that did not burn too large a hole in the consumer’s pocket. Companies like these have ensured Samsung van no longer get away with offering mediocre phones as the budget option, the most tapped category in the Indian phone market.

Xiaomi began the bandwagon of phone makers offering quality specifications and performance for lesser prices. A suit which most companies soon followed. Meanwhile, Samsung concentrated on flagship devices, which has always been a niche market in India. Samsung means to rectify that as they are now launching a series of budget phones under the ‘M’ brand, which will only be available to consumers on online portals.

Samsung Electronics president and CEO, MR. D.J. Koh has reaffirmed his faith in the company quickly regaining the top spot in the Indian market, while addressing a media event on March 7, 2019. He also stated that while Xiaomi is leading the ranks when it comes to the number of units sold, Samsung are still the undisputed leaders when it comes to revenue generated.

Mr. Koh also expressed his concerns over the masses accepting other brand’s technology as superior to theirs, and quite rightly so, as the smaller phone makers have begun unveiling their own range of flagship phones prompting companies like Samsung and Apple to look for new technologies.

“They [Xiaomi] are number one in terms of shipment, but in terms of revenue, Samsung is dominant number one in Indian market, not only in the fourth quarter of last year but also in the entire 2018, Samsung was number one,” Mr. Koh said.


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