Vision Systems Set to Unveil Smart, Dimmable Window in Hamburg


Vision Systems plans to unveil smart and dimmable windows at the upcoming expo in Hamburg, Germany.

Vision systems is set to unveil its prowess in smart tint technology through an array of new innovations at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. The expo is to be held from 2nd to 4th April 2019, in Hamburg, Germany. Following the past year’s display of a dimmable window and a divider with integrated electroluminescent information, Vision Systems are aiming for smart window concept in 2019. The developments will include a novel smart window concept, window shade with a dimmable dust panel, and dimmable windows with a transparent touch panel.

The smart window concept allows direct projection of images and videos on the window or cabin divider. The background implements the Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) technology which is in two states: privacy, where the glass turns opaque white or gray, or transparency, when nothing is displayed on it.

Meanwhile, the dimmable windows enable passengers to switch the opacity of the window from clear to dark. An SPD film regulates variable shading and instant response time. The technology also controls the amount of light and heat that enter the cabin. Furthermore, the maintenance cost are quite minimal as the electronics are fully integrated into the system. That, in turn, saves downtime and makes installation a fairly straightforward mechanical operation.

Another development on display will be a two-window motorized shade with a dimmable dust panel. This brings forth an attractive alternative for those looking for privacy and blackout. Apart from these, the company is offering roller or pleated shades complete with a synchronizing system and diagnosis assistance. These shades are lighter, more compact, and an overall high-quality fit and finish.


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