Google Forced to Improve Wages and Perks for Temporary Employees


In the wake of raging employee protests, the tech company has made the decision to provide better facilities to temporary employees and contractors

On many occasions, Google have come under the scanner for the way the company handles temporary workers, independent contractors, and vendors. Many reports have surfaced which prove that the company treats third party workers with utter disdain. Poor payments, no health benefits or any perks are awarded to these workers, unlike the full time employees, who are showered with various monetary and personal benefits. Google prides themselves in the work culture they have managed to create, however all the while keeping a part of the process hidden from the public eye.

The issue gathered momentum in March 2019, when Google hastily cut down the contractual periods for as many as 34 members, who were a part of the ‘Personality’ team for the Google Assistant project. The move had a global impact, with contractors incurring most of the losses. This sparked a public outrage, and even Google employees staged a worldwide protest for the better treatment of their temporary counterparts.

Owing to the controversial nature of the termination, Google have issued a release stating that the temporary employees will now be provided with health benefits, which will cover dental, pediatric, and mental health. The base pay for these workers was also increased to US$ 15 per hour, and a tuition reimbursement of US$ 5,000 a year. The part time employees will also be eligible for parental leaves, and eight days of paid sick leaves.

It has been reported that the temporary employees, contractors, and vendors constitute about 80% of the company’s total workforce. Which is why the company has historically found it easy to scale operations up or down. The benefits and the work culture dished out to the employees so far, is unacceptable. The company is looking to make amends, although the terms will only be applicable at the end of this year.


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