Ostomy Care Market Industry Review, Key Players Profile, Statistics and Growth to 2026


Ostomy refers to a surgical procedure that allows the passage of bodily wastes through a surgically created stoma or aperture on the abdomen into a prosthetic such as a pouch or bag placed outside the body. Ostomy is performed on patients suffering from various medical conditions, including cancer, birth defects, diverticulitis, incontinence, and inflammatory bowel disease. This procedure is also performed on patients suffering from severe abdominal and pelvic trauma caused due to accidents or severe injuries. Ostomy is also known as continent diversion surgery and can be performed on patients of all age groups. The procedure does not affect life expectancy of an individual.

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Ostomy leads to elimination of waste material from the body through stoma, which is part of the intestine that lacks presence of contraction muscles, thus resulting in loss of control of the individual on excretion of gas or solid waste from the body. The waste is automatically collected in a plastic bag or pouch that holds the waste and helps block the smell at the same time. Ostomy leads to rerouting of bodily waste from its usual path that can result due to malfunctioning parts of the digestive or urinary system. Depending on the severity of the patient, the ostomy can be temporary or permanent. The most common types of ostomies involve colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, J-pouch, and continent urostomy among others.

Regional Insights

On the basis of region, the global ostomy care market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. North America holds a dominant position in the global ostomy care market and is expected to retain its dominance over the forecast period, owing to large population suffering from Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, and other diseases in the region. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, around 1.3% of the adults in the U.S., accounting up to 3 million patients were reported to be suffering from inflammatory bowel disease in 2015 that increased the overall hospitalization rate in the country.

Competitive Insights

Key players operating in the global ostomy care market include 3M Company, Coloplast Corporation, ConvaTec, Inc, Hollister, Inc., Smith & Nephew Plc, Alcare, Nu-Hope, Welland Medical, Cymed, and Flexicare Medical. Market players are focused on providing technologically advanced products, to sustain their position in the competitive market. For instance, in March 2015, Welland Medical introduced Aurum 2, a range of 2-piece ostomy pouches that is inclusive of flange with added medical grade Manuka honey.


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