Nanoemulsion Market Status, Size (Value and Volume) By Manufacturers, Type, Application, And Region 2018-2026


Small size and high advantages of nanoemulsion allow for multiple applications in pharmaceuticals, creating significant growth opportunity for pharma companies. Nanoemulsions allow for small and slow administration of oral drugs and assure the complete absorption of drugs and reduce dose related toxicity.

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Various studies have been carried out to explore other avenues of drug delivery using nanoemulsion. In 2009, a study conducted in National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt concluded potent use of nanoemulsion as potential ophthalmic drug delivery system for Dorzolamide Hydrochloride. Increasing awareness is creating opportunity for use of nanoemulsion in translational research for targeted cancer therapy.

FDA considers nanoemulsion products under its regulation for nanomaterial products. Apart from drug delivery nanoemulsion are also used in cosmetics and are used in baby care wipes and makeup removal products. The high cost associated with the preparation of nanoemulsion can act as the restrain to the global nanoemulsion market. Market players are focusing on integrating advanced technologies for production of nanoemulsion, with is further expected to act as a value-driver for the global market.

Developed countries account for the major share of the global nanoemulsion industry due to the availability of advanced technology and high disposable income. North America and Europe are the major consumers of nanoemulsion. Due to increasing advancements and high growth in pharmaceutical sector in emerging economies such as India and China, Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as a major nanoemulsion market in the near future.

The global nanoemulsion market is highly fragmented owing to the participation of many players into the research and development of nanoemulsion products. Major players involved in the nanoemulsion market are Covaris, Inc, LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Inc., Taiwan Liposome Company (TLC), Allergan, and Abbott.

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