Erectile Dysfunction Market to Reflect Significant Incremental Opportunity During 2018-2026


Erectile dysfunction is known as the medical condition of penis, a recurrent inability of a man to reach and/or to maintain a penile erection sufficient for/during sexual activities. It is most probably an age-related factor, progressive condition, affecting some level of disorder (mild, moderate or severe) in about 50% of men aged 40-70 years, and with the increase in the age, severity of erectile dysfunction also increase  with a ratio of about 5% at the age of 50 to 15% at 70 years. Even though this is a common condition, related to both age and secondary medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipedemia, depression and cardiovascular disease, there were treatments conducted in the past by mostly andrologists, urologists and sex therapists. There has been a revolutionary introduction of oral drug therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and the enormous studies concerning erectile dysfunction has led to a paradigm shift in erectile dysfunction treatment.

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According to study conducted by Canadian Institute of Health Research, there were about 4,000 Canadian men between the age 40 and 88 years, nearly half of them had erectile dysfunction. It was about approximately two times more usual in men with cardiovascular disease and four times more usual among men suffering with any kind of diabetes. Increase in the number of erectile dysfunction cases has led to an increase in the Cialis drugs, proportionally boost the erectile dysfunction market.

The global erectile dysfunction market was valued at US$ 4,129.5 million in 2015 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 0.2% during the forecast period (2016 – 2024).

Market Dynamics

North America and Asia Pacific are the largest markets for erectile dysfunction products, as these regions have the highest prevalence of erectile dysfunction. For instance in the year 2012, according to The Massachusetts study, approximately 19,372 new cases of erectile dysfunction in Massachusetts and more than 721,615 cases in the United States yearly. China has a prevalence percentage of about 42.3 in the year 2011. There are many studies conducted to develop medication and medical devices to treat erectile dysfunction. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 30 million men over 75 years of age suffer from erectile dysfunction in the U.S. The Multinational Survey on the Aging Male (MSAM) study conducted in the U.S. and in European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. arrived at an unexplained relationship between lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual dysfunction in over 12 thousand men in the age group of 50-80 years. Of the 83% of the male population that was surveyed, who claimed to be sexually-active all the time, overall prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms was 90%, with an overall incidence of erectile dysfunction pegged at 50%, and 10% of patients reported a complete absence of erection. Moreover, the overall incidence of ejaculation disorders was 46%.

Key companies covered as a part of this study include Meda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Coloplast, Global Life Technologies, Reflexonic, LLC, Augusta Medical System, Boston Scientific Corporation, and Vivus, Inc.

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