Electronic Hearing Protection Device Market Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Growth Forecast by Type and Application from 2018-2026


Electronic hearing protection device are designed to help protect the ear from damage due to exposure to high-decibel noise. Electronic hearing protection device covers the entire ear including the lobe and seals in the sides of the head with suitable cushion or pads of the device. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) typically develops over many years of sustained exposure to noisy environments. It is a slow process that causes a painless and permanent hearing loss. The prevention of cochlear damage is the only way to prevent NIHL. Usage of hearing protection device is the most prevalent means to prevent NIHL.

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Prevalent Scenario in electronic hearing protection device Market

Increasing concerns related to NIHL fueling adoption of preventive measures such as adoption of hearing protection devices. Exposure to harmful noise can cause NIHL at any age. Based on 2011-2012 CDC study conducted in 10 million participant of hearing tests and interviews concluded around 24% participant suffering from hearing loss in one or both ears due to exposure to noise. Increasing concerns of safety regulations pertaining to workers safety is expected to act as a fuel to the growth of overall electronic hearing protection device market. Workers employed in construction sites, manufacturing and industrial areas are exposed to high levels of noise pollution that can result in permanent damage to ear. Various government and non-governmental organizations are encouraging companies to follow various safety measures in order to assure safe workplace. “Buy Quiet” an initiative by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), encourages companies to purchase or rent quieter machinery for new businesses and start-ups and to replace the old machines to reduce noise pollution. Increasing urbanization and development are one of the major factors to drive the market of hearing protection devices. Rising need for electronic hearing protection device in military sector are expected to create opportunity for electronic protection device manufacturers. Since 2014, the U.S army has adopted the use of hearing protection system due to the increasing cases of hearing loss due to bomb blasts. Despite its various advantages, growing use of low cost manual ear plugs for hearing protection is expected to hamper growth of electronic hearing protection device market. Lack of awareness, high costs, and low availability of these devices are expected inhibit market growth to a certain extent. The global electronic hearing protection device market is witnessing trend of increasing demand for tailored hearing protection devices and shift in preference from ear plugs to acoustic filters. In 2016, United Science developed 3D scanning technology for 3D printing of inner and outer canal for customized perfect sized ear buds. Such devices were designed for use for military personnel.

Major electronic hearing protection device in the market:

3 Pelto Food Industry Earmuff H9A-02 , 10/cs (3M), 3M PeltorPTL Earmuffs (3M), SoundGear (Starkey Laboratories India pvt. Ltd.), Leightning L0f (Honeywell International Inc.), Viking V1 (Honeywell International Inc.), 2H Synergy (Hellberg Safety Ab),2C Synergy (Hellberg Safety Ab),Secure 2H Active (Hellberg Safety Ab)

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