Nissan Presents Dayz for Smart Highway Driving with ProPILOT Technology


The tiny-size car will feature Nissan’s updated drivetrain, cabin, suspension, and the NASA-inspired Zero Gravity seats.

Recently, the Japanese automotive giants Nissan presented a new compact car-Dayz featuring the company’s revolutionary technology, ProPILOT Assist in Japan. This tiny car is deemed as the first mini-vehicle to offer diver-assist on the highway for safer and less stressful drives. ProPILOT Assist Technology has been an ambitious project for Nissan and is expecting it to integrate with its all cars. However, for now, the company will allow only selected vehicles namely Leaf, X-Trails and Serena Mini-vans.

The ProPILOT assist is a pioneering technology by Nissan which provides semi-autonomous acceleration, braking, and steering assistance on the highway. It will be complemented by driver-assist, intelligent lane intervention, lane departure alert, and intelligent emergency braking. It is said that it can potentially help to reduce driver fatigue and induce more confidence while driving. This is a crucial feature for rookie drivers who are driving the first time on the heavily dense highway. The technology uses front-facing camera front-facing radar alert, along with sensors and electronic control modules to assist the driver.

According to Nissan, new Dayz will feature updated cabin, drivetrain, suspension and NASA-inspired Zero Gravity seats to reduce fatigue. One of the important features of Dayz is a driver assist. It is tremendously useful for a driver in dense traffic. It can slow down or completely stop the vehicle during traffic jams. It is easy to activate this system also. All driver needs to push the button of ProPILOT Assist on whenever he needs assistance in heavy traffic situations. Dayz will be available in 17 different colors with price starting from US$ 11500. There is no official word regarding its export as a Kei car received a so-so response. It will be interesting to see what type of response Dayz gets.


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