Microsoft Brought Back Clippy and Killed It Again in Single Day


Clippy was an animated paperclip popup politely offered tips to the users for using the software.

If you have used Microsoft Office between 1997 and 2001, you will surely remember tiny animated paperclip giving polite advice named Clippy. Deemed as Microsoft’s old office assistant, it was an animated paperclip that offered tips for using the software. In 2001, Microsoft gave farewell to Clippy, but recently people were surprised when this cute little paperclip appeared in Microsoft Teams. However, this pleasant surprise did not last long as Microsoft killed that little fellow just a day later.

According to reports, Clippy appeared as the animated pack of stickers on Microsoft Teams. The stickers were also released on the Office Developer GitHub page, but the Clippy was long gone by that time. The nostalgic fellow lasted enough to rally the old fans and now people want it back for good. Lots of users have even started an online petition to bring back Clippy which has already received more than 1900 votes. Microsoft did not respond immediately as for why it killed Clippy; however, according to the company spokesperson, the stickers angered Microsoft’s ‘brand policy’.

Furthermore, the spokesperson[VB1] also said that Clippy has been trying to get back since 2001; and its brief attempt on GitHub was just another attempt. However, the company has no plans to bring back Clippy to Teams any time soon. Clippy used to be called ‘little paperclip with soulful eyes and Groucho eyebrows.’ The company described it as ‘electronic ham’ who politely gave pieces of advice. Although Clippy’s pieces of advice were totally harmless, some people do not entertain such a nuisance. It is pretty clear that Microsoft has no plans to bring back Clippy not matter what petition says.

 [VB1]Who is considered as ‘he’ here? Rephrase for clarity.


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