Facebook Shuts Down More Than Two Thousand Bogus Accounts And Pages


The American based social platform is in constant war with fake accounts and has recently closed down 2,632 accounts and pages.

The most popular social platform has successfully closed down 2,632 fake accounts and pages and is constantly in war with dealing with bogus accounts. The bogus accounts are estimated to be linked with Kosovo, Macedonia, Russia and Iran. Even though proper evidences have not been found yet, the estimations are merely based on prior activity tactics.

There were around more than one thousand accounts were Russian, which were involved in posting scams and commenting on the politics of Ukraine. It also glorified Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Around 512 accounts and pages were identified to be Iranian, which constantly tried to rehash the media of the state and lit tensions in the Middle East. The 212 remaining pages and accounts belonged to Kosovo and Macedonia, which falsely tried to represent the political communities of the US, Australia and the UK.  Around 1.7 million people were estimated to join the Russian origin groups whereas 1.4 million accounts were closely following the Iranian pages.

In the recent past, Facebook has already battled several cases of fake accounts, pages and groups. This additional case is testing the company’s patience thus, it requires cooperation, automation and moderators across the globe to help them dodge bogus accounts. The more the company is trying to delete such accounts it is definitely progressing towards a being better platform. However, the American based social platform still has a long way to go.


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