Common Pain Relievers may Cause Stroke in Diabetic Patients


The scientists believe, even though, acetaminophen is safe to use as a pain reliever, one should consider a doctor before using it. Especially, older adults.

Acetaminophen or also known as Tylenol has been a household product for almost 60 years, used for chronic or minor pain. This drug is sold at medical shops at a reasonable rate without a doctor’s prescription and is judged scientifically safe in many countries. However, acetaminophen is also one of the most common drugs found in overdoses and also a popular reason behind the drug-induced liver failure. Previously, pain relievers have been liked to asthma and other health problems.

In this study, the researchers looked for the link between the use of acetaminophen in older adults and the experience of severe cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack. The research involved 5429 individuals and out of them, 74% were women and all collectively around 86-years old. Of all those participants, 2239 were taking acetaminophen and results were found positive. However, there was one exception of a participant with diabetes. The study found out that people with the diabetic issue have slightly more risk of suffering stroke or heart attack as compared to other adults who don’t have diabetes. 

The researchers concluded that the acetaminophen did not increase the risk of stroke in patients but it did affect diabetic patients. Furthermore, they also added that acetaminophen is safe for use in case of chronic pain. However, it should be used with more caution, especially older adults. They also believe such research is needed to understand the effect of drugs on frailer older adults. Moreover, these adults should get a possible alternative in case of chronic pain.


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