Goa Introduces Tags to Protect Biodiversity Zones


According to the directive passed by Goa State Biodiversity Board, organizations selling products, which are made using ingredients from biodiversity zones, will have to pay 0.01 per cent of their annual profits to the respective state biodiversity zone.

All the marketers are required to sell their products with a Goa state biodiversity tag marked in the package. The new directive issued by the Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB) with its tagging system will safeguard the interest of communities residing within the biodiversity zone to get Access Benefit Share (ABS) from their profits.

 Pradip Sarmokadam, member secretary of Goa State Biodiversity Board, said: “More than 300 industries were approached to join the scheme, but currently only three organizations — Tanshikar Spice Farm, Krishna Plantation, and Raika Honey — have agreed to.”

With this initiative, the board will comply to protect the habitat with the annual profit that they will receive from the sellers. This will provide opportunity for the sellers to boost profit in the long run, as it ensures protection of the biodiversity and habitat from where the ingredients are collected.

Suprajit Raikar, founder of Raika Honey, says: “The tag will show that the ingredients used are sourced from the nature, which produces lip balms and soaps using honey and bee wax. In our case, as we have been a social enterprise even before this initiative. We have been using 10 per cent of the earned profits to provide books and solar lamps to the tribals and farmers within the biodiversity zone.”


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