Epi Ingredients to Launch High-protein Yogurt Concept


Epi Ingredients is launching a high-protein yogurt concept to inspire manufacturers, according to a report published September 13, 2018.

This new high-protein yogurt, which is produced by using ultra-filtered dairy powders, is called as SoBenefik. The new launch is part of the SoUnik range of finish product concepts. This range will help food, beverage, and nutrition manufacturers to visualize as to what can be done using the ingredients provided by the company.

Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Epi Ingredients, said, “The goal for Epi Ingredients is not to sell these concepts. With this range of finished products, we are merely aiming at driving innovation, showcasing the company’s application expertise and dairy ingredients know-how as well as promoting the use of our specialty ingredients, in this case native protein Epiprot 60 UL, in new product developments.”

SoBenefik is a low-fat yogurt that contains 8 percent protein, live cultures and a rich, creamy texture. The production of this new yogurt was possible due to the use of Epiprot 60 UL, a native milk protein concentrate produced directly from fresh milk through a cold filtration process allowing for minimal denaturation and optimal functional & nutritional properties.

This product was developed especially for the end-consumers, as a clean, convenient, and affordable smart snacking option for increasingly time-deprived modern consumers. As per the report, 30.4 percent of snacks launches tracked have a clean label claim (Global, 2017). Moreover, this high-protein yogurt is a healthy replacement for high energy-dense snacks, as it improves satiety, thereby reducing the overall calorie consumption.


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