Cambridge University’s “Rear of the Year” Competition Sparks Controversy


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The University of Cambridge, known colloquially as “Cambridge”, was founded in the year 1209 and has gone on to become the oldest known university in the English-speaking world next to Oxford. The prestigious institution is world renowned as a center for research.

So perhaps it is befitting that a “study” to find the best male & female bottom be conducted at the school. Well, that is one way of looking at it.

Another way to view the “Rear of the Year” competition, as it is formally known, is as a sexist means of exploiting both men & women. The university’s feminist society is not amused and considers the whole competition degrading.

Needless to say, they won’t be participating by submitting photographs or voting on the best images.

Those who oppose the competition have demanded that the images be taken down from the student website. In all fairness, a sample of the images shown could easily be displayed in an art gallery. It’s not as if the photographs were “xeroxed” from a copy machine as an office joke.

It is not known if the student newspaper “The Tab” which is sponsoring the event will cave into pressure from the opposition.


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