Trump accuses China of interference in mid-term elections


Donald Trump Wednesday accused the Security Council China of seeking to interfere in the process of mid-term elections, which will be held on November 6.

Beijing, he said, does not want a victory of the Republican camp, because the current US administration defies China in the field of trade.

China categorically rejected the accusations of the US president.

We have not interfered and will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. We refuse to accept any unjustified accusation against China.

Wang Yi, head of Chinese diplomacy

“China is trying to interfere in our upcoming elections in November 2018. Against my administration,” said Donald Trump at a Council meeting theoretically devoted to the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

“They do not want me to win or win because I’m the first president to challenge China on trade, and we win over trade, we win at all levels. We do not want them to interfere in our elections, “said Trump at the meeting he chaired, with the United States leading the UN for a month.

On leaving the United Nations headquarters, the US president further assured that there was “plenty of evidence” of this attempt at Chinese interference. He did not go into the details.

“Propaganda Articles”

Subsequently, on Twitter, Donald Trump hinted at a four-page supplement funded by the Chinese government and published in the Sunday Des Moines Register , newspaper of Iowa, state sensitive to Chinese retaliation on agricultural products, to boast the mutual benefits of Sino-US trade.

It is common for foreign governments to buy advertising space in the US press to promote their point of view, a practice that differs from a clandestine operation to interfere with an electoral process.

“China places propaganda articles in the Des Moines Register and other newspapers, acting as if it were news,” Trump pleaded on Twitter. “It’s because we beat it on trade, the opening of markets and farmers will make a fortune when it’s over!”

A senior US official later accused Beijing of employing economic, commercial, military and media resources to try to influence American public opinion and promote the interests of the government and the Chinese Communist Party.

China is “actively” involved in American politics and harming farmers and workers in the states and districts that voted for the president, he added.

The senior official, who said he wanted to remain anonymous, said Vice President Mike Pence planned to detail the charges in a speech he will make next week at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

Donald Trump has so far raised tariffs on a total of $ 250 billion in Chinese imports and wants to force Beijing to negotiate a rebalancing of bilateral trade.

The mid-term elections are aimed at renewing the House of Representatives as a whole, where Republicans may lose a majority, and a third of the Senate.

In his ten-minute speech, Donald Trump made no mention of Russia’s accusations of interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, which is being investigated by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and poisons for months his presidency.


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